Thoughts become things

My Open Source Libraries

I love open source and sharing in general (sharing is caring). Both using it and also giving back (through either pull requests to other repositories, issues, or giving money).

Open Source is also great for transparency and demonstrating to others that you can do the job. Why place trust on me, when you can verify that my stuff does the job. Easy Auditability and Verification, beats trust any day of the week.

As always, you may find my gitlab profile or my github profile for stuff not yet moved across or legacy projects.

But this page gives a succinct summary of what I’ve done.

Github Actions

I’ve been recently looking at github actions and it seems quite powerful, as you can almost do anything that you could do from a unix shell. My collection can be found here.

However here is some of the projects I’m working on.

Bitcoin Exchanges (RubyGems)

I use bitcoin to get money across borders. Here are the current published libraries I was using.

Node.js Modules

These node.js modules are submitted to npmjs.org

Other Cool stuff

Who am I?

I write codes, work on projects when inspiration strikes or when the opportunity happens, I am passionate about usability / user interaction (UX), I love new technology and trends (right now blockchain and Cannabis is hot), I enjoy being homeless, and I blog (ocassionally, but try to be regular)