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I haven’t been updating this lately as there’s a lot of craziness out there.

But if you do use nostr, please check out my pubkey npub1z34a5nkxjv5rq5p7unuw3d3xh4an54uyyv4cys96zhyvhlu6qlxs4qnh9r or profile nprofile1qqspg676fmrfx2ps2qlwf78gkcnt67e627zzx2uzgzaptjxtl7dq0ngpzfmhxue69uhhqatjwpkx2urpvuhx2ucpp4mhxue69uhkummn9ekx7mqr3dlw2 on the following links (1) (2)

Also as of lately I have been making an appearance on X (not as much), but if you want to reach out for anything, try my SimpleX.chat account too.

Or you can check out the following SimpleX groups

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