Thoughts become things

Starting 2022 on the right footing

Seems that I’m on the right track with 2022.

So far

  • Weening usage of 1Password.com and using VaultWarden (Rust version for Bitwarden)
  • Running m0re full nodes (This time trying the Bitcoin Knots implementation.)
  • Continueing to promote the Sovereignty Meetup


  • Get off Dropbox and cloud documents
  • Run more full nodes (bitcoin and otherwise non monetary. I hope to also use C-Lightning’s implementation too for doing lightning nodes. I dig the plugin system a lot.)
  • Focus on profitability (Running a business which self supports itself, and get back into the green) and sustainability (extra cash into long term things)

Far fetched

  • Get another passport. Likely St Kitts & Nevins because of residency requirements, but Portugal sounds cool for the EU.
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