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2021 Year in Review

Definitely an interesting year.

Started off with the eventual rise of DOGE (made my year, because I mined it in 2014 and kept most of it).

Also kicked off the year with a nice UNIswap airdrop, which was basically free money. That was used to immediately purchase a lot of bitcoin and also the ZMT token which eventually rose in prise.

The ZMT token, eventually ended up closing to the same price as it was at the top. It’s been a good inflation hedge and nice little passive income earner.

Have also kicked off a meetup called the Sovereignty meetup to teach people there are ways to exist outside of Big Tech which seems to be overstepping their power/control over others. With great power comes responsibility, as the movie Spiderman has said. These guys seem not to be holding out on.

Anyway some accomoplishments of the year:

  • Revival of a lightning network almost circular economy (set up two F&B type businesses in replace of my guesthouse business which got destroyed by inbound travel)
  • Restoration of my basic income again thanks to some investments starting to pay off.
  • Exploring new opportunities for lightning network (I think a delivery service might prove interesting. Maybe do cash and lightning with incentives.
  • Reading more on the BOLT12 Spec for lightning. Seems theres a lot of interesting use cases
  • Became messaging sovereign, with my own matrix instance.

Focus for 2022:

  • Growth. Looking to expand and increase my income in a more sustainable way. Restaurants seems more consistent type growth in these trying times. People need to eat. And exploring CBD type products due to numerous health benefits (1) (2)
  • Learning rust programming language
  • Continue to run the Sovereingty Meetup for Soveignty fans in Chiang Mai. And promote the concepts of sovereignty a lot more as a lot of people could use this.
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