Thoughts become things

New Era has begun!

As with the new year, out with the old and in with the new.

This year seems to be a general shift in conciousness. More and more people seem to be waking up to the issues going on in the world.

It has been an interesting first week in the tech space. It seems as planned, Big tech companies are starting to censor more and more. Even the president of the USA got censored out, and now even funding cut.

Anyway some things which I’ve noticed:

  • Bitcoins rise in price (as predicted)
  • Deplatforming of more public figures including Trump. Also on payment networks as well.
  • Deplatforming of some uncensorable social media networks
  • An attack on the Tor network (most likely state sponsored, because thats where people go to hide)
  • Another state attack on Bitcoin in the UK

This year I feel will be about mitigating attacks and being more resilient. So I’ll be promoting more decentralization.

I see things getting a lot worst. And if you thing COVID19 is bad, there will be other things in store.

Done so far

  • Made the switch from Twitter to Mastodon
  • Published my PGP fingerprint (f6287b82CC84bcbd) on Mastondon
  • Have a backup channel on Telegram
  • Set up a way for people to verify that I am who I say I am. You can see This(1), or this(2). I recommend that you learn about GPG which has been around for almost 30 years!

Doing so far

  • Build more passive income (liquidity sharing) solutions on top of bitcoin (LND Pool is one of them)
  • Keep accumulating more bitcoin
  • Get more people involved in the full node revolution (not your node, not your rules)
  • Assets + Income > Expenses. Long time preference.

Planned in future

  • Build the Specter DIY Hardware wallet to shield myself against supply chain attacks
  • Research on setting up a degoogled Android phone. My iPhone is great but it becomes a risk.
  • Minimize use of WhatsApp and Facebook. I wish I can get rid of these, but where I’m living it has been an excellent source of information.
  • Exercise more / Drink less
  • Eat more meat
  • Learn about growing food again.
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Who am I?

I write codes, work on projects when inspiration strikes or when the opportunity happens, I am passionate about usability / user interaction (UX), I love new technology and trends (right now blockchain and Cannabis is hot), I enjoy being homeless, and I blog (ocassionally, but try to be regular)