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Mid-2020 Year update from me

It’s been an interesting year this year. From the initial zombie apocalypse scare, the bitcoin halving, and a year where all conferences are cancelled.

Though some conferences have decided to do online only, I’m not going to attend those ones because its not the same. Certainly if I have to pay for them. To me conferences are for socializing and sharing a beer or meal together.

Anyway just a little update on what I’ve been doing:

Over the next few months, I hope to do the following:

  • Build on the Pine64 Phone (It’s basically a pure Linux Phone, which an act as a desktop). Would be great to run a full node on there
  • Continue contributing to various Open Source Projects
  • Hope to have a saleable product / service in the pipeline soon based on the above (earn those sats!)
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Who am I?

I write codes, work on projects when inspiration strikes or when the opportunity happens, I am passionate about usability / user interaction (UX), I love new technology and trends (right now blockchain and Cannabis is hot), I enjoy being homeless, and I blog (ocassionally, but try to be regular)