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Retiring clearnet lightning node for TOR

Because of the issue behind firewalls, changing IPs, and relying on tunnelling services for operations of my lightning node, I have decided to retire the clearnet endpoint for it.

Reason being is the following:

  • Nomadic Lifestyle - I’m nomadic by nature (few months in one place, few months in another). Tor networking fits the bill a bit better as in there is a fixed address that works all the time.
  • Privacy / Better Personal Sovereignity - Not being associated with a single IP address or sovereign nation is great. The sovereignity I value more. This falls into the nomadic lifestyle part about moving around wherevers good right now (weather wise), and taking in whats great about a particularly location.
  • Having a fixed address / Reliable networking - Having a reliable networking environment improves peoples connectivity.
  • Supporting the TOR Node community - Theres not too many tor nodes out there. So I’m doing my part. I’ll be also still contributing to LNCM Projects as well, so will be supporting TOR stuff.

Anyway for those who want to tune in to my nodes check out my nodes 1Ml.com profile or at the command line open a channel to one of the following:






For support

For support, lets say you want me to close your channel, feel free to reach out to me on Telegram/Wire Messenger/Twitter with the username @nolim1t or mastodon on nolim1t@bitcoinhackers.org , or you can open a ticket on gitlab with your concerns.

Also if you do open a channel to me, appreciate that you make yourself known so I can reciprocate, and also would be great to know whos behind the node (if I need you to close the channel too)

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