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Lightning Network BUIDL time

The crypto bear markets of 2018 is an excuse to hunker down while not traveling and BUIDL stuff.

I’ve been lately collaborating on a project similar to the RaspiBlitz project to make bitcoin and lightning network more accessible to anyone.

And also it’s awesome to be an early pre-cursor to bitcoin layer 2 technology.

For those who want to open some channels, try the following nodes (basically the same LND)

  • IPv4 Connection String (Scan QR code here) (1ML) 0207e84c3f26846744509c76cdd8215119d88e4e07b8f885f3657025fcb49bb728@reckless.nolim1t.co:9739
  • IPv4 Connection String (2) 0207e84c3f26846744509c76cdd8215119d88e4e07b8f885f3657025fcb49bb728@nl-main.lncm.io:9739
  • TORv3 Connection String 0207e84c3f26846744509c76cdd8215119d88e4e07b8f885f3657025fcb49bb728@es3vqw62flcpawyoa3bc32xvcrljop227pgcibyvck263ipnx3ym6gid.onion:9739

Feel free to ping @nolim1t on Wire Messenger or Mastodon if there’s any issues.

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Who am I?

I write codes, work on projects when inspiration strikes or when the opportunity happens, I am passionate about usability / user interaction (UX), I love new technology and trends (right now blockchain and Cannabis is hot), I enjoy being homeless, and I blog (ocassionally, but try to be regular)