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Hello GitLab!

After hearing some news upon GitHub being acquired, it’s time to spread my wings and move somewhere else.

I’ve always wanted to try out GitLab these days anyway but the recent acquisition has made me make up my mind.

The other alternative would be BitBucket, however the UX isn’t so great - especially for pull requests, if you look at that tweet replies even the Atlassian UX guy agreed with me there.

Anyway GitLab has a cool CI/CD feature which means you don’t need travisCI at all and includes private repos in the price.

A few other features I like:

  • Repository grouping
  • SSL for custom sites (guide to come soon, but you can see this source for this site)

Will be doing a writeup later on using gitlabs CI/CD feature to push deployments to AWS S3 later.

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I write codes, work on projects when inspiration strikes or when the opportunity happens, I am passionate about usability / user interaction (UX), I love new technology and trends (right now blockchain and Cannabis is hot), I enjoy being homeless, and I blog (ocassionally, but try to be regular)