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On the lead-up to RISE 2017

Hong Kong at Night

I’ve been a conference veteran for many years - United States, Asia, and Europe.

I’ve been to South by Southwest from 2010 all the way through to 2015, RISE from 2015 up until now (this being the 3rd year), and Web Summit since 2016.

I’ve also attended Ruby Kaigi in Japan since 2011, but sadly I might have to give this year a miss due to timing (I’d love to visit Japan again!).

Anyway it’s time for my pre-conference tips.

Tips for preparation

Arriving in Hong Kong

Welcome to Hong Kong

If you’re coming from out of town, arrive a few days before to allow time to adjust to the time zone. Also you might want to get business cards printed out in Hong Kong rather than carrying it there. You need to stay alert during AND after the conference - If you actually want to meet people, you need to be at the night events. I found the best connections were at night.

Get Shit down / Working

WeWork HK

Obviously, you might need to do some work at times. There’s a cool spot in the basement of the convention centre which has fast free wifi and power (but very limited seating), there should be chillout areas in the actual venue too (just have some headphones).

Also, there are lots of co-working spaces in Hong Kong. My favorite one is WeWork but it’s quite expensive for the day unless you’re already a member. However if you have a WeWork community member you can use that. Try to time your day with the events they hold, but more importantly - don’t get too drunk on the free bottomless beer they offer there or you won’t be working.

Networking Tips

  • While in Europe, I didn’t really care to give them out. Plus web summit has an awesome app to use. But In Asia, it’s all about business cards. Always have them. Just your name and contact at the bare minimum. For me it’s my name, and website portal. Bonus points: Have something that stands out which is also a good conversation starter, and something memorable. Some events you need a name-card to get in to them.
  • Update your Tinder profile to reflect that you’re there for RISE. You never know who you might find.
  • Always have a drink. For those that don’t drink (or just want to save money), get a mock-tail. It can be an awesome conversation starter if you have a unique drink.
  • It’s not a college frat party, pace yourself. It’s not a race to how much alcohol you can consumed (might be tempting though because its all free).
  • Always Be Charging. Carry spare power for your phone. It’s your portal to finding out where your “crew” is and where the action is when out and about and the party is starting to get lame.

RISE Events


Events to look out for

More to be added. Give me a shout out (contact details at the bottom or put a comment), if theres something mising.

Sunday July 9th

Monday July 10

Tuesday July 11

Wednesday July 12

Thursday July 13

Some Events I’ve registered and/or hoping to attend

Want to connect during RISE?

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