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Jekyll sites on github and git submodule fun

While creating the opensource section of this site, and another (to be announced) section of this site it just came to me - why am I duplicating the same template page and also having to change the template all the time.

Granted I haven’t changed the template yet, however I want to add some improvements to it later (mostly for mobile). The thought of having to update it N times (where N is the number of subsites I have) wasn’t too appealing. More room for error too. So my solution, work smart not hard!

I figured, hey lets make use of the git submodule for the _layouts folder and move all the layouts to a separate project.

I did this, and as a result all works well so far. So essentially, with github you can have a main site and subsites which share the same template. The more you know when you discover problems to be solved!

The Process

  • Set up a new git repository
  • Copy all the layouts to that repository
  • Then do a git submodule add against that repository
  • git commit the new changes
  • push it and make sure you haven’t broken anything

The End Result

This repository which is basically the templates for this entire site.

This site’s own repository which has a submodule of the abovementioned repository.

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