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RISE Conference 2018 Retrospective

Despite a short trip in Hong Kong, it seemed like a long time. But Looking back on RISE conference here are my key takes of what I should improve on:

To improve on

  • Improve on my initial pitch - This is pretty much important I think. I’ve pitched a few variations of what me and/or my business does, however I think heading to more of these sorts of events should help me to improve.

  • Make a note of interesting talks more for followup later - As all talks are live streamed, attending them can be done later.

  • Take more notes - I didn’t do much note taking, but I probably should have (especially upon receiving cards so I know what to say)

  • Bring backup device - As with all things, always carry redundancies. Day 2 in RISE I was a bit crippled because my device stopped working (and resulted in me having to drain down its battery). I ended up having to use my cheaper Android device, but should have brought my backup iPhone 6S instead which would have worked alot better.

And things I did well

  • Move closer to the conference when its showtime - I learnt this from previous years when I wasn’t living in HK (before I stayed in Mid Levels). Basically its fine to stay far away (as long as you’re with friends), but when the conference happens its definetly worth the extra money to stay on Hong Kong Island. Particularly around LKF. I will do this on my next web summit jaunt.

  • Have alternate plans - Stuff happens quickly and new things pop up sometimes.

  • Don’t carry more than you can afford to lose - Day 2 I unfortunately lost a small money pouch (luckily there was not much in it) containing some business cards and an octopus card (cross border one). I luckily do not carry a lot on my person, so was able to recover quickly.

  • Always be charging - I carry backup power with me religiously because no power means you can’t contact people through the app (and hard to scan contacts for follow up later) or meet up with people. Or find out whats happening and where.

My thoughts of RISE 2018.

I felt that this year seemed a bit quieter than previously. However there seems to be a lot more activity happening in blockchain.

I really like blockchain tech (especially the decentralization aspect of it, also the disruptive potential to replace many inefficient incumbents) but when I was wandering around the alpha booths it seemed like people were doing “blockchain” because its one of the key buzzwords, not because it is something that enables your business. This makes it hard to find good clients and partners to work with because they are doing things because “everyone is doing it” and not because they have picked the right technologies.

The Night summit was a bit meh (in fact LKF seemed quite dead by HK standards), except for the first night in SOHO. The events out of RISE was definitely quite notable - especially the crypto exchange parties and of course the china accelerator ones.

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