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Back to Hong Kong / Reality for RISE Conference 2018!

RISE Conference 2018

It’s that time of year again. The last year in review professionally, I’ve been mostly doing my experimental stuff with tech and also contributing to some open source projects.

I’ve been so chilled out lately in my jungle abode (but also sometimes head to the beach for some sun).

Jungles and Temples Beachlife

But time for a little bit more inspiration from techsauce and now ready for conference season again.

Anyway, the last few weeks have been getting some bits and pieces together (such a shiny crypto payment system together for micropayments and also tying in the trusty non-micropayments solution) now ready to get back in to it getting in some new work for the next year.

Originally I wasn’t planning on heading to Hong Kong, but a last minute snap decision decided (with offer of free tickets), was to fly out there. Also as a bonus, the football is not screening most of RISE conference so I’ll get a chance to be awake at a sane hour.

Anyway, here’s my schedule during the conference for those who’d like to catch up.

You can follow my noms throughout Hong Kong live on snapchat ID: nolim1t as well.

Monday July 9th

Tuesday July 10th

Wednesday July 11th

  • Centre Stage: 11:25 - 11:45 Me, myself and Ethereum
  • MoneyConf: 11:35 - 12:00 How social power is fuelling a payments revolution
  • Centre Stage 12:05 - 12:30: Can we cure a tech addiction (Maybe)
  • Centre Stage: 12:30 - 12:50 From Tinder to Investor a story of Sean Rad
  • MoneyConf 13:40 to 14:05: The surge of cryptocurrencies
  • Centre Stage 14:30 - 14:50: The crypto phone (Exodus) by HTC
  • Money Conf: 15:05 - 15:20: The future of money
  • PITCH 16:00 - 17:00 Runway to RISE
  • Unofficial: Canadian Entrepreneurs 7pm to 9pm
  • Unofficial: ChinaAccelerator Happy Hour 7pm to late
  • Night summit again

But wait isn’t RISE supposed to be 3 days? I decided to cut my trip short because of some family reasons (good to compromise on the work life balance hey?).

But for those who didn’t get a chance to meet? I’ll be in Taipei in late August, and possibly Korea in early September. And then probably over to Europe for a few blockchain conferences.

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